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Advertising, research & development apprentice

Advertising, research & development apprentice

locationManchester, UK
ExpiresExpires: 22/04/2024

Closing date for applications: 22nd April at 11.59pm

Salary: £23,170 per annum or £25,390 (London)

Start: January 2025

Duration: 18 months

Qualification offered: Multi-Channel Marketer Level 3

Reports to: Senior Research Manager/Executive

Department: Strategy & Consumer Insight 

Get involved in all areas of the work that Channel 4's advertising research & development do in this role, from primary research to understand how a brands marketing is working, to using our tools to see how many people watched Bake Off this week!

If you are looking for an opportunity to gain work experience and a qualification, then an apprenticeship at Channel 4 might be for you. These apprenticeships are aimed at school leavers and people who do not have a degree (full eligibility criteria below).

Our Apprenticeships are full-time, with four days per week spent working in a C4 department and one day per week completing the formal learning parts of the apprenticeship. You’ll spend 60% of your working week in your office base and 40% working from home. The formal training provided will consist of workshops, tutorials, webinars, coaching and in some cases residential boot camps. You can read more about the qualification being offered for this apprenticeship below.

The Advertising Research & Development (AR&D) team are part of the wider Strategy & Consumer Insight department at Channel 4. Our primary objective is to use insight to support the 4Sales team in selling advertising across our TV channels and All 4 platform. This is an important role, as it allows Channel 4 to fund the programmes we make!

We do this through:

  • Proving that advertising on our TV channels, All 4 and social media platforms work
  • Supporting advertising agencies and brands deliver their marketing objectives through insight and understanding how marketing works
  • Doing research on our viewers to ensure we really understand our audiences 
  • Staying on top of the latest industry trends and developments  

Recent examples of the kinds of projects the AR&D team have done include:

  • A cultural thought leadership project which explored how diverse and inclusive TV advertising was as well as investigate why brands should be embracing
  • diversity in their advertising. 
  • A project investigating the state of modern Britain to help us understand are we as divided as we think we are to help brands better understand UK consumers.
  • An ongoing community of 16-24-year olds who help us understand what is important to young people across the UK. 

You can have a look at some of our projects on the 4Sales website

During your time in the AR&D team you’ll get involved in all areas of the work we do, from primary research to understand how a brands marketing is working, to using our tools to see how many people watched Bake Off this week! There’ll also be specific projects for you to work on and we’ll help you to quickly build up your skills and knowledge of the media industry. 


  • Support 4Sales in helping marketing agencies and brands understand their audience in order to plan and deliver marketing activity. This will be across a broad range of sectors and industries. 
  • Understand how marketing works across our different platforms, in order to prove benefits of advertising with Channel 4. 
  • Use a range of industry research tools as well as primary research to answer the questions of marketing planners at agencies across the UK. 
  • Support the team with larger insight projects throughout the year to present to marketing agencies and brands across the UK.
  • Help us ‘market our research’ by creating content for the Sales team and external marketing agencies.
  • Be part of a team that are a regular contact for stakeholders and deal with their day to day requests.
  • Help the team set up and run projects that prove how TV sponsorships and adverts work, or explain how and why viewers watch our shows.
  • Create regular reports, e.g. channel performance reports, advertising spend reports, etc.


Knowledge, skills, experience

As part of the application process you’ll be asked to tell us how you meet the essential criteria listed below. When answering this question think about examples from your experience so far, this doesn’t need to be professional experience but could be academic, from volunteering or a part-time job. 

We’ve provided some examples beside the first four criteria of experience that could demonstrate you have these skills.  Please note you do not need to use these examples, they are just here for guidance and you should draw from your own personal experiences. 

  • Verbal and written communication skills - Verbal - e.g. experience of dealing with customers or working as part of a team. Communication – e.g. writing emails, completing an application form or essay, or if you have a hobby that involves creative writing. 
  • Attention to detail -  e.g. Cashing up on tills or proofreading coursework.
  • Organisation skills and ability to prioritise tasks - e.g. Planning events whether personal or for professional purposes, as well as managing work life balance, for example working whilst doing coursework/exams. 
  • An understanding of and a passion for Channel 4's remit 
  • Confirm you have Maths & English GCSE Grade C (4) or above
  • An interest in advertising and understanding how marketing works
  • Genuine curiosity about what makes people tick and why
  • Good numeracy skills and confident working with numbers 
  • Ability to follow instructions and work both independently and part of a team


Eligibility criteria

  • You must be 18 years old or over at the time the scheme starts to apply. There is no upper age limit.
  • You’ll need to have a Grade C (4) or above in Maths & English GCSE.
  • You can’t have already completed the qualification being offered or similar at the same or higher level.
  • Our apprenticeships are aimed at school leavers and people who do not have a degree.

The programme aims to offer opportunities to those currently underrepresented in the TV industry, so we are particularly keen to hear from Deaf and/or disabled people, ethnically diverse people and people from lower socio-economic groups.

To apply

Click on the 'apply' button at the top right to progress the application process. Please include in your application that you found this role through Creative Access.

We are committed to making the application process accessible. If you would like to discuss suggestions for alternative formats, or have any questions about the recruitment process in general, please contact us at

Take a look at our access page for more information, which you’ll find by clicking here. You can also watch our YouTube video, Demystifying Interview and Workplace adjustments.

If you’d like some tips on writing your application before you apply, please watch our YouTube video, How to Write an Outstanding Application



If you need to relocate in order to take up this opportunity, we can offer you support towards the financial costs of moving. This includes a contribution towards your deposit and first months’ rent, plus visits to your new city to look for accommodation. 

Level of experience

  • Entry

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