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Freelance writer

Freelance writer

ExpiresExpires: 25/06/2022
Editorial / Writing / Storytelling
Freelance opportunity

We are Britain's biggest independent audio production company and as we grow, we have more and more opportunities for talented writers.

We do work for the BBC, Audible and Spotify and we’ve just won a big deal with iHeartMedia in the US to produce a dozen narrative podcast series. We produced Harsh Reality with Wondery, which went to number one in the UK and US podcast charts last Christmas.

We've just launched two big new shows: Superhero Complex, and Deliver Us From Ervil. Both of which are making substantial waves in the narrative space.

Here at Novel, we get things done. Our growth over the past two years has been driven by a dream-it, do-it immediacy, and a creative energy that has seen us move from 8 employees to 45 in that span.

We're looking to create a freelance pool, of people we can call upon who can produce pitches and treatments for us, and work on ad hoc research projects.


Knowledge, skills, experience

The successful candidates' writing should be clear, above all, but they will also need to have a certain lyricism. Treatment writing is a job of sales - but it's selling by painting a picture, selling the sizzle. All the shows listed above began life as two pages on a commissioner's desk.

Please apply with links to at least three good samples of your writing. Articles or such are most preferred. But essays could work in a pinch... if they're mind-blowing.

Most of these assignments will be paid per job - and ad hoc, not contractual work. As such, a standard 1200 -1400 word written-through piece should come in somewhere around £240, including any corrections. That probably makes it a £20 per hour rate - but quite how economical the sum turns out to be is of course up to you.

We're looking to gradually build relationships with talented young people who might not have previously considered either freelance writing, or a career in audio development. For the very best, permanent opportunities will potentially be available, as we continue to expand.


Please make sure that you state in your application that you found this role via Creative Access.