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Acast was founded in 2014 in Stockholm, Sweden. Our key innovation was bringing dynamic ad insertion to podcasting — allowing brands to easily place up-to-date messaging, tailored to each listener, across thousands of shows.

We love audio stories and the people who create them. And we believe every podcaster, big or small, should be able to find their audience, and make money from their craft, on their own terms.

A fun, creative mindset generates positive change. We’re driven by our passion for making a difference, building a platform where everyone — no matter their background — can share their stories.

We’re on an adventure, together. We experiment, we’re not afraid to make mistakes, and we encourage each other to be brave and explore uncharted territories with confidence. Our imagination and entrepreneurial spirit delivers world-class products and services.

We’re global and have remote teams, so we strive to be collaborative and inclusive when working together. We continuously improve by listening and learning from those around us. We create team spirit and culture by showing empathy, communicating in respectful ways, and using feedback to develop and reach our common vision.


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