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Established in 1995, and led by founder and artist, Bobby Baker, Daily Life Ltd. makes art that explores and celebrates everyday life and human behaviour.

Our work is rooted in Baker’s vision and art practice and our collaborators include like-minded artists and organisations across the arts, health, and disability sectors.

Our mission is to lead advocacy for change in the way people think about women, and the undervalued and stigmatised aspects of daily life. This includes celebrating age and experience, and tackling misogyny and injustice in the mental health system. We believe great art can change the way people think. As the activist, scholar and author Angela Davis has said: 'Art is not a luxury … We need art to illuminate the way to a different future' (WOW Global 24, 2020).

Our work falls broadly into three areas:

  • producing new artwork by Bobby Baker across all media including performance, drawing, film, installation, radio, painting, and digital;

  • curatorial projects, touring, and archiving of Baker’s extensive collection of work;

  • collaborative projects that work with and support the talent of marginalised creative practitioners. This ranges from mentoring and peer networking to talks and workshops.


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