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One of the most distinctive voices in British dance theatre, Artistic Director Luca Silvestrini has been using a blend of original choreography, text, music andsocial commentary to engage and entertain audiences and participants for over two decades. 

Protein connects people to the performance through storytelling, locations or the way in which the performers invite them in, breaking down the boundaries between watching and participating. 

Nominated Best Independent Dance Company at the 2016 National Dance Awards and having won the accolade in 2011, Protein’s critically acclaimed wide range of productions and outreach projects are much admired and in demand across the UK and the world.  

Amongst them LOL (lots of love) (2010), Border Tales (2013), May Contain Food (2015), May Contain Food May Contain You (2016) specially created for rural touring, and The Little Prince (2018). Luca has also created popular outdoor shows, including On Display (2008), (In)visible Dancing (2010), Windows in Progress (2014) and the recent promenade experience En Route (2021). 

Protein has recently celebrated its 21st anniversary with a programme of new works created by diverse groups across the UK who reimagined some of the company’s most celebrated productions. Historical pieces were also brought back to the digital stage and a new participatory film, The Sun Inside, was made in collaboration with 152 people from around the world, capturing the importance of sunlight during the first lockdown period.  

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