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About us

Oily Cart imagines the impossible and rips up the rule book of theatre to make it more accessible. We create highly crafted, interactive, sensory shows that tour across the UK and internationally. Our performances integrate sounds, smells, touch, light and shadow, close-up choreography, live music and kinaesthetic movement (such as the audience floating in a hydrotherapy pool, or bouncing on a trampoline). We believe that children who have the most barriers to access have the right to experience world class theatre. Our sensory shows are close up, responsive and led by each young audience member.

An Oily Cart show can take place on a stage, at home, online, on a trampoline, in your street, in the bath or even up in the air! We collaborate with the most exceptional artists to make work that can work for everyone. All our shows are made for and with disabled artists of all ages.

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