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Creative Access recruitment principles.


In our mission to make the creative industries more representative and inclusive, we ask our employer partners to follow our best practice inclusive recruitment principles. These are proven to improve application rates from candidates from communities under-represented in the sector.


Research within our community shows:


1. An accessible, inclusive and achievable job description is one of the most influential factors for interns and entry-level candidates when considering applying for a  role.

2. Job ads with a salary or salary bracket shown attract 40% more applications.


Please ensure you follow these principles when listing on our opportunities board:


1. Include a salary or salary range (this will be a mandatory requirement from 1st  January 2023).

2. Use inclusive language and avoid jargon or acronyms.

3. Focus on the key skills and competences needed for the job – we recommend minimising the need for academic requirements.

4. Demonstrate how your organisation fosters an inclusive culture by referencing any opportunities for flexible working, parental leave, benefits, accessibility and your DE&I policies.

5. Roles must be kept open for the full application period and not closed early.