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Work experience and open days 

We know many of our partners are keen to offer work experience or open day opportunities to our Creative Access community. Work experience opportunities can be key to opening up access to the creative industries for individuals from under-represented groups. 

Creative Access believes these opportunities should be prioritised for individuals with no previous experience on their CV to help those with no contacts in the industry gain critical experience and build their network. 

You can now post opportunities offering up to 4 weeks’ experience on the Creative Access board as long as they meet our key criteria:

  • Up to 2 days can be offered unpaid as long as travel and expenses are covered 
  • Work experience between 2 days and 4 weeks must be paid at London or National Living Wage - if possible plus travel and expenses
  • Opportunity can be for 1 to 4 individuals – more than 4 requires multiple listings to be purchased 
  • Only open to those who have no previous work experience  
  • Only open to those from groups under-represented in the creative industries
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Work experience single listing for up to 4 places   

  • A basic employer profile page including your logo, website and description  
  • Opportunity circulated via Creative Access X feed 
  • Opportunity alerts sent to matching candidate’s inbox  
  • Key words which appear at the top of the user search 
  • Opportunity must meet our criteria 


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